2 Stories Your Child Will Have Access To Via An Open Adoption

Posted on: 8 May 2017

If you choose to go with an open adoption, you are going to give your child access to different and unique stories about your child's life. They will get to know both their creation story and their adoption story, giving them a complete picture of how they were loved and brought into the world.

#1 Story Of Birth

In order for your child to have a complete understanding of who they are and where they come from, they need to know their "creation" story. The desire to know creation stories is what drives many individuals who were adopted via a closed adoption process to seek out their birth parents later in life. Children and people want to understand where they come from.

With an open adoption, your child will have access to picture of their birth parents. They will be able to see what their birth parents looked like and know their names. They will get to see where their big ears and small nose, and other physical features, came from.

Depending on the type of open adoption that you choose to establish with your child's birth parents, your child may also get to learn the story of their creation and why their birth parents choose to allow them to be adopted. They will not have to wonder about this, they will get to know their entire lives that their birth parents decided out of love and concern for their lives to allow them to be adopted.

#2 Story Of Adoption

Your child will not just get to know the story of their birth, they will also get know the story from your perspective. They will get to know how you decide to adopt a child. They will get to know how you knew that they were the child that you wanted to adopt. They will get to know via the story that you tell them about their adoption, how you always loved them and how you choose them as their child.

Your child will get a complete picture of their adoption. Your child will know how both their birth parents choose to put them up for adoption and how you choose to adopt them. With an open adoption, you and your child's birth parents together can weave together a narrative of love that explains your child's creation and adoption story together. An open adoption will leave your child with no questions as they grow up about where they came from, why their birth parents decided adoption was best for them or why you choose to adopt them and make them your child and part of your family. For more information, contact companies like Father's Rights for Equality in Divorce.


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