Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Money And Wants A Divorce? Get A Divorce Lawyer Now

Posted on: 15 June 2017

If your spouse and you had never worked out a prenuptial agreement before the wedding day, and now you are worried that your spouse has been making more money than you know about, and that you are going to get divorced, you want to get a divorce lawyer. If you worry that you don't know where all your spouse's earnings are hidden, and you didn't sign a prenuptial agreement so half that money is yours, there is some information you want to provide for the lawyer. Here are some things to take with you for your appointment.

Past Years Tax Returns

If you don't go through your past tax returns or look at how much money your spouse makes, you just spend what you are told or stick to a budget, you may be missing that your spouse is making a lot of money. You can get the copies of the past tax returns from the tax bureau office if you can't get your spouse to hand them over, or if you don't want your spouse to know you are getting them.

List of Assets

You want to provide a list of assets that the two of you have. If the properties you have, along with the vehicles, recreational vehicles or other assets doesn't match the income you are reporting coming in, then there is money coming in from somewhere else. You'll want to find out where this money is coming from.

Spouses Social Security Number

Your spouse could have a side business or could be filing tax documents on their own. If you have their social security number the lawyer can look information on earnings reports, listed businesses and more, to get to the bottom of the financial situation. The lawyer may have to dig, or hire a private investigator and dig to the bottom of your spouse's finances.

If you feel like your spouse is going to leave you or they want a divorce, and you haven't been paying attention to the finances or how much money is coming in, the chances are high that your spouse may be hiding money from you. Since you don't have any type of prenuptial agreement, the money that was brought in during the marriage should be half yours, and you want to meet with a lawyer to find out what's the best move to make. You don't want to regret not hiring a lawyer sooner.   


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