3 Aspects To Consider When Looking For A Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted on: 20 February 2018

When facing a criminal charge, be it domestic battery or assault, your life could change forever. If you believe you're innocent, you need to seek help from a criminal defense attorney right away. Here are some aspects to assess that can help you hire the right legal representative, for such serious charges. 


Perhaps the most important aspect you need to assess when looking for legal representation is experience. After all, the level of experience your attorney has could be the difference in freedom and spending years in jail. 

Start by looking to see how long the criminal defense attorney has been practicing. If they've been in this legal field for decades, you can usually take comfort knowing you'll receive sound legal advice. Attorneys that are just starting out, conversely, may not be as adept at handling the sophisticated details that pertain to your case. 

You should also look for attorneys that have experience with the particular crime you're being charged with. They'll have more in-depth defense strategies that they can employ and know more about the consequences you're potentially facing. 

Legal Fees 

Unfortunately, hiring a criminal defense attorney and going to court aren't always cheap. That's why you need to carefully consider each lawyer's fees before agreeing to their services. Then, you can choose a professional that doesn't put you in a financial bind years after the case is over. 

How much a lawyer charges depends on several factors, such as experience and track record. The more well-established and successful attorneys obviously will cost more. You also need to consider how an attorney charges. Attorneys usually charge per hour or offer a flat-rate fee. Find an attorney with a payment method that works for your financial situation. 

Defense Strategy 

How your case goes in court ultimately depends on the type of defense strategy that your attorney uses. As such, you need to interview different attorneys to get a sense of the tactics that they would implement in court. Some strategies are more successful than others.

For example, self-defense is probably more likely to work compared to an insanity defense regarding criminal charges. Then there are plea bargains, which are designed to lessen the charges you face in exchange for pleading guilty to some extent. Try to find a lawyer who offers a strategy that you're most comfortable with.

There are many aspects that go into finding the right criminal defense attorney. The keys are to stay patient and know what you want out of a criminal defense attorney. You'll then have a better chance of lessening or getting off your charges completely. Click here, or on similar sites, for more info.


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