What You Need To Know About Online Divorce Mediation

Posted on: 13 August 2021

Due to the worldwide pandemic, many family law and divorce courts had to get innovative. Many courts closed or limited their hours to help prevent the spread of the virus. However, divorce law matters must go on. For that reason, the need for online mediation has grown significantly. Even when the pandemic slows down, it is anticipated that the need for online mediation will still be a necessary resource. If you are considering online divorce mediation, there are some things you need to know:

How Do You Attend an Online Divorce Mediation?

If you and your spouse still share a home, you can choose to do your online mediation there, but from separate rooms and from different devices. Doing so will give each of you the privacy you need. If you need to speak with your attorney, being away from each other will keep your conversations confidential.

If you do not share a home, you can do your online mediation anywhere you have a strong internet connection. However, you should consider doing your mediation in a quiet place. You may also want to use headphones if you must be in a public place.

Is Privacy Required?

A divorce consists of a lot of confidential, secure information. If you do online divorce mediation, it is important that you conduct your meeting in a private space if possible. If you do your mediation at your home, make sure you do so when no one else is there. Make sure you have childcare for your children if they must be home during your meeting.

What Documentation Do You Need?

Online divorce mediation will require several pieces of documentation. You might be asked for specific financial information and other sensitive materials. Since you are not going to see the other participants in person, you need to find out how to deliver the documentation safely. You may have to send the information via certified mail or through a web portal. The mediator will let you know which documentation delivery method they prefer.

Are There Any Rules to Follow?

A mediator during an online divorce mediation may have to implement or adjust some rules to facilitate an online meeting. The mediator will discuss the ground rules for the meeting prior to the first session.

Online divorce mediation can be a benefit to those seeking an end to a marriage during a time when meeting in person is not possible. Make sure you work closely with your attorney to ensure you follow all the necessary procedures.


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