Mediation Can Make Child Custody Issues Easier

Posted on: 5 June 2023

In any divorce case that involves children, one of the most contentious parts of the case can be child custody. Custody issues include child support, visitation, and all forms of custody, including legal and financial. You want one result, and your former spouse wants a different result. That can lead to a lot of disagreements and arguments. It can also be tough on your child. One way to avoid these problems is to work with a mediator specializing in child custody. You and your former spouse can each present your side of the case to the mediator, and they can make decisions and suggestions in the case. A mediator can be very beneficial to the custody case for many reasons.


One of the reasons a mediator can be beneficial is that they are a neutral, impartial participant. They are not on your side; they are not on your former spouse's side but entirely neutral. That neutrality and impartiality are what will allow the mediator to make a decision that will work for everyone involved, especially the child. The mediator is working toward a compromise between you and your former spouse. A compromise means you will get part of what you want but not everything. A compromise isn't designed to make everyone happy but to be a satisfactory result. Only an impartial person can set up a good compromise.

Conflict Reduction

A mediator can also be beneficial because they can reduce the conflict between you and your former spouse. Even a wanted divorce can be conflict-filled around child custody issues. The more contentious the divorce, the more conflict there will be. The mediator can help reduce the amount of conflict in several ways. One is that they can bring the involved parties into the office one at a time. You and your attorney would go in at one time and lay out all of your requests and demands, and your former spouse will go in at a different time and do the same thing. The mediator can also tell your attorneys to Route all communication through themselves so that you and your former spouse don't need to talk.

Getting divorced can be difficult. Dealing with child custody issues only makes it worse. You and your former spouse can agree to go to mediation to resolve your child custody issues. Doing that can hasten a decision and be in your child's best interests. For more information on mediation, contact a professional near you.


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