3 Tips For Preparing For A Divorce

Posted on: 13 August 2017

One of the more stressful times in life may be when your marriage is ending. You may feel overwhelmed emotionally, physically, and dread the financial struggle you may have to face. The key to getting through this difficult time will rest in being as prepared as you possibly can for it. This can be tough to do but will allow you to have an easier time once the divorce is final.
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Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Money And Wants A Divorce? Get A Divorce Lawyer Now

Posted on: 15 June 2017

If your spouse and you had never worked out a prenuptial agreement before the wedding day, and now you are worried that your spouse has been making more money than you know about, and that you are going to get divorced, you want to get a divorce lawyer. If you worry that you don't know where all your spouse's earnings are hidden, and you didn't sign a prenuptial agreement so half that money is yours, there is some information you want to provide for the lawyer.
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Two Things You May Not Know About Child Support Payments

Posted on: 7 June 2017

Child support orders are both simple and complex. They're simple because you can expect to be ordered to make payments to the custodial parent or guardian of your child, and complex because there are quite a few variables involved in how much you may be ordered to pay. Here are two important things you need to know about how child support payments are calculated so you can properly prepare your finances.
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Here Are Two Challenges You'll Face Getting Divorces While In Jail

Posted on: 22 May 2017

Getting a divorce is challenging enough, but trying to pursue a legal separation while incarcerated can be even more difficult. Here are two challenges you'll come up against when divorcing your spouse while in jail -- and how to overcome them. Paying the Filing Fee Every state requires petitioners to pay a fee when they file for divorce, the amount of which varies depending on the jurisdiction. Unless you have savings, a source of income that doesn't require your presence, or can borrow the money from friends or family members, it may be hard to come up with the money when you can't work because you're stuck in jail.
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